Getting ready to work after the holidays can be difficult - and that's okay. But if you choose the right scents (essential oils in diffusers, perfumes or candles), everything will definitely work out.

Fragrances for vivacity: how to tune in to work with the help of scents


We are sure you were waiting for him on this list - and it is no coincidence. Already the aroma of coffee (this is important if you are trying to quit caffeine or reduce its amount) can make us more cheerful, more collected and happier... So drinking, as it turns out, isn't necessary to get all the bonuses available. Nice addition: you can light coffee candles in the evening if you need to work longer, but not interrupt your sleep-wake cycles.


Scientifically proven that a bright and fresh citrus scent improves concentration while working on complex tasks. And at the same time - the mood, which can have a positive effect on the results of these tasks. So you can put tangerine crusts in front of you, if after the New Year you are not tired of them yet. Or use an appropriate perfume composition.


The story with jasmine is mysterious, but interesting. You probably know that lavender scent is one of the most soothing in the world. So, according to research, jasmine notes can also relax and calm. But at the same time they perfectly cheer up, so if you are not nervous, but rather sad that the holidays are over and everything is decay, try this option.


Planning a business meeting for Monday morning? We envy your courage. And we recommend using the aroma of rosemary, which has stimulating properties, improves the ability to remember, fights physical exhaustion and headaches and... If this all sounds suspiciously good, we understand you very much. But you must admit it is worth a try. 


Coniferous aromas in terms of influence on our condition are similar to the already mentioned jasmine: they work in both directions. So that the pines and cedars cheer up, reduced stress levels and contributed to productivity, helping to focus on the current task, it is better to use them solo - without admixtures in the form of other notes that might just interfere with this.


Not only can mints freshen your breath, but they can also help you with your work (especially if it requires creativity). Science is sure that mint aroma invigorates the mind, so these smells are worth using before brainstorming and other similar situations. By the way, cinnamon and ginger also have similar properties - take note.