Diets, pills, fasting promise us rapid weight loss. But if you want to achieve a result and keep it, you must act competently. OkFemmes tells how.

25 tips to help you lose weight fast

1. Find an incentive. You understand that a woman in front of a mirror is not your ideal. And I want to have a slender body for a long time. But how to convince yourself to start changing is not clear to you. Therefore, you can, or in the company of a psychologist, write on a piece of paper all the pros and cons of your position, and then imagine that you have achieved your goal, and re-present all the pros and cons. What can I say, the reasons are obvious. Then go ahead!

2. Make a list of harmful foods. You have firmly decided that the goal is above all, and 3 kilograms, which do not fit in a new dress, should tell you: "Goodbye!" Now you need to understand that not everything from your usual menu has the right to take place on the dining table. It will be easier for you to navigate the menu if all the hazards are before your eyes: fatty, sweet, starchy foods, potatoes, white rice.

3. Keep a diary of calories, movement, and weight. He will help you keep track of the dynamics of the process. Write down everything you ate, how many dropped, how many kilometers you walked, or how many times you sat down. After you evaluate your efforts and compare with the result, it will become clear to you where you went wrong and what should be corrected. The entries must be honest, you should not deceive yourself. By the way, a page on social networks will help you share your achievements and will not allow you to be lazy: subscribers will vigilantly follow your progress.

4. Learn to create a shopping list. You have decided to limit your diet and keep a calorie diary. But going to the supermarkets is tempting to buy unwanted groceries. Come up with a menu in advance for a week, which will not contain fatty, sweet, starchy foods. Leave a grocery list for future meals - and go to the store! Such instructions will not only allow you not to buy too much, but also save your budget.

5. Stock up on PP recipes in advance. It is difficult for people who have not set out to eat healthy food to come up with healthy meals on the go. Go online and explore the cooking sites, blog pages of those who have successfully coped with the task of losing weight and share the secrets of dietary cooking with like-minded people. Remember, healthy meals can be delicious!

6. Conduct a conversation with loved ones. You have decided on a list of useful foods. Your task is not to turn them into a fatty dish under the pressure of your family. Therefore, warn them in advance that you are eating separately. Otherwise, provocations cannot be avoided. Eat boiled, stewed, or steamed. If you don't have a steamer or multicooker, remember how your grandmothers steamed: a saucepan of boiling water, on top - a grate, colander or gauze. Believe me, the body will soon realize that it is delicious and will thank you for your concern! And loved ones will be happy with a slender wife and mother.

7. Carry lunch boxes with the right snacks to work. This is another good habit to take on the path to a slimmer figure. In the evening, arrange the dishes in containers so that in the morning you are not lazy, but simply put everything you need in your bag. Then you will be less likely to be tempted by fast food snacks.

8. Get in the habit of eating more fiber. Especially in the warm season, when the harvest falls on the table directly from the garden. The fact is that fiber-rich foods are low in calories. You will eat enough, but low in calories. And this will allow you not to experience a strong feeling of hunger. Just introduce it into your diet gradually to avoid intestinal discomfort. Berries, vegetables, fruits, beans, dried fruits, cereals and whole grain breads are rich in fiber.

9. Do not starve. Such processes send signals to the body about a crisis, which causes a slowdown in metabolism. According to research, hunger slows down metabolism by 25-30%. So we get the opposite effect. For the same reason, breakfast cannot be ignored. Let us recall that at night the metabolism decreases, and if in the morning the hungry organism does not receive what it needs, it will only continue to preserve everything that, as they say, was acquired by overwork. So fasting will play a cruel joke with us and lead to the opposite result.

10. Change the calorie content of the menu. Due to the body's ability to adapt to new conditions, it is necessary to change the number of calories that we consume every day. If you have reduced the calorie content of foods when you want to lose weight, the body will simply adapt sooner or later and again lower the metabolic rate. In a word, our body was created by nature in such a way as to preserve its strength as long as possible under any critical circumstances. Therefore, we take into account all his tricks and a couple of times a week we allow ourselves a little more than usual.

11. Eat a lot of protein. In order to speed up the metabolic process, the diet should have a lot of protein - meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, low-fat cottage cheese, hard cheese. To assimilate it, the body has to sweat a lot, and therefore spend more calories than usual. It is also a building block for our muscles.

12. Drink enough water. There are many pros and cons on this topic . But scientists say that a glass of clean water 30 minutes before breakfast starts the metabolic process in the body. That is, sleep for the body is fasting. After the night, he turns on self-preservation mode and assimilates foods in a slow pace, saving calorie consumption. And the assimilation of 2 liters of water for the whole day, especially cool, makes the body work hard - to warm it up to the desired temperature and, as a result, spend about 70 kilocalories on this.

13. Drink vitamins. Any decision to lose weight leads to a decrease in food volume, and therefore vitamins. In order not to lose strength and follow the planned course, take a multivitamin.

14. Eat from a smaller container. You will still be eating a whole plate of porridge, only this plate is a third or half less than your usual plate. By the way, psychologists believe that plates of dark shades also discourage the desire to eat a lot, or even more so to go for a supplement. And, as they say, in the war on excess calories, all means are good!

15. Increase the number of meals. You have already changed the size of the plate, but now do not starve yourself and start eating more often: you should have 5-6 main meals and snacks per day. Have your last meal 3 hours before bed. If after dinner the feeling of hunger begins to torment, eat protein - a boiled egg. By the way, exclude meals in front of the TV. You must eat unaccompanied by gadgets and sitting.

16. Eat slower. A common cause of overeating is eating too quickly. The slower you eat, the more and better the food is absorbed. Why eat too much if you can get enough of less? In addition, our physiology is such that the brain sends signals of satiety no earlier than 15-20 minutes. So let's be patient and enjoy our meal slowly.

17. We brush our teeth after every meal. If possible, observe this hygiene rule after breakfast, lunch and dinner. First, there are medical recommendations for this, and your teeth will stay healthy longer. Secondly, the minty taste can dull the perception of taste buds, which means that you will not taste the remaining spices in your mouth or accidentally eaten goodies, thereby not provoking an unnecessary need to immediately add something else to your diet.

18. Engage in cardio loads. Here we come to the most interesting part of any weight loss process. It is not for nothing that they say: you can't catch a fish from a pond without difficulty. First of all, let's do cardio  - exercises for training the heart muscle. Jogging, cycling, jumping rope , swimming, Nordic walking or regular walking at a brisk pace, step aerobics, even dancing are all good choices. Just understand that such efforts are contraindicated in the morning when the heart is not working at full strength. When a person's pulse accelerates to 120 beats, the process of burning the subcutaneous fat starts. The main thing is regular classes, from simple to complex. But before starting, be sure to consult your doctor.

19. Add strength exercises. They should accompany cardio workouts, since after the first, not only fat, but also muscle mass goes away. Therefore, you need to work hard to build it up, otherwise the body will only need to burn fewer calories. It is important to start each workout with a warm-up so that the body does not experience shock from the load: engage all joints and stretch. By the way, seasoned athletes claim that you can replace an entire gym with exercises with an expander.

20. Vary your exercises. Mother Nature arranged for us so that we adapt to almost any situation, and even more so to power loads. Therefore, do not use exercises on the same muscle groups every time. Believe me, the body has already got used to it and it won't be surprised. Replace, for example, jogging with a step - climbing a hill without using your hands, or going up stairs. Moreover, regularly control your heart rate - it should be in the range of 100-120 beats per minute...

21. Get enough sleep. What could be better than a sound healthy sleep? It is he who promotes weight loss and subsequently prevents its increase. For a healthy life of the body, you need to sleep at least 8 hours and observe the regime. When these conditions are met, human biorhythms are not disturbed, and the hormonal background remains in order and does not lead to increased appetite.

22. Massage. This is a great way to lose weight. Anti-cellulite in the salon - effective, pleasant and ... expensive. However, you can start to master this technique on your own, including with the help of vacuum cans. But be careful, there are contraindications, especially for people with problems of the cardiovascular system. Massage improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism and removes excess fluid from the body. By the way, honey massage has the same effect: just pat the places where honey is applied. A massage with warming creams or with a brush will also bring results. So down with subcutaneous fat and goodbye to cellulite!

23. Use essential oils in your personal care. Massage with them is effective, but it is best to use them when wrapping. The procedure in health salons is immodest. Therefore, we learn to do it ourselves at home. We wash thoroughly, steam the skin and rub it with a soft sponge or scrub. After that we apply the composition for wrapping with neat circular movements on the stomach, buttocks, legs. Then we wrap the zones with cling film, wrap ourselves with a towel on top and relax for an hour. In addition to essential oils for wrapping, honey, dry mustard diluted just before the procedure, blue clay, and kelp algae mixed with water are also suitable. An hour later, we take a shower and plunge into a salt bath for 15-20 minutes. A nourishing cream will complete the procedure.

24. Hide the scales. They will only distract you from the process and will not always give you an idea of ​​the picture of the day. When you lose fat but build muscle, the weight stays the same. So please be patient. The main thing is not to despair and observe the regime. And also use a measuring tape. It should show you if the subcutaneous fat is actually going away.

25. Lead an active lifestyle. If you are engaged in the goal of losing weight, try not to sit in front of the TV, but to constantly do something. Man is so created that when his brain is actively working, there is simply no time left to think about sweets. Even if there is no way to get out somewhere, take care of the house - do the cleaning, sort the wardrobe, transplant flowers.