Who would have thought that you also need to be able to shave your legs! After all, shaving is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of unnecessary vegetation, but it also has a sufficient number of disadvantages, the most significant of which is a short-term effect! Today I shaved - tomorrow I already got stubble. What a pity that the hair on the head does not grow so fast ! What can you do to enjoy smooth legs longer? Shave them right!

Down with stubble and ingrown hairs: everything you need to know about home hair removal

About shaving frequency

Each of us is guided by our own needs. For some, it is enough to carry out the procedure once a week, while for others, hair will begin to grow the very next day after shaving. However, everyone should understand that the white thin hairs, which are most often found on the legs above the knees, will become coarse and dark after shaving. Therefore, consider whether it is worth touching them.

Daily shaving can cause irritation and inflammation. So, even if you have thick and fast-growing hair, dermatologists recommend that you restrain your impulses and shave at least once every two days, but it is better to use alternative methods of getting rid of unwanted vegetation, for example, laser removal, hair removal and others.

What to do to shave your legs less often, but the effect lasts for a long time?

  • Use oils

Apply a natural oil, such as coconut, to your skin before shaving. It softens hairs, nourishes the skin, which means shaving will be comfortable and effective, because this way there will be less ingrown hairs. And you will forget about irritation. It is best to leave the oil overnight to shave your legs in the morning.

  • Shave in the morning

It is in the morning that our skin is most elastic. Therefore, it is better to carry out all mechanical influences on it at this time of the day. In the evening, on the contrary, the skin becomes softer by the end of the day, and shaving can cause cuts and irritation.

  • Steam and exfoliate skin before shaving

Again, softened hairs are easier to remove safely and painlessly. Therefore, first we get rid of dead cells that can cause hair ingrowth. To do this, we take a scrub, a brush and carry out the scrubbing procedure. Steaming will help to achieve more elasticity of the hairs and remove them better with a razor.

  • Remove hair with a warm razor

"What is it like?" - you probably thought. It's simple: the skin will be smoother after shaving if you immerse the hair removal tool in warm water for a while. Check it yourself!

  • Use creams, foam, mousse, or shaving oil

Even if time is running out, never carry out hair removal procedures without special tools. This is not about what comes to hand: many sin by using soap, shower gel and other options instead of shaving foam. But few people know that the composition of shaving products is designed to envelop the hairs so that the razor removes them as cleanly as possible, while not leaving behind irritation on the skin.

  • Do not shave your hair against the direction of its growth

Yes Yes exactly! With this method of shaving, you will forget about the problem of ingrown hairs, skin irritation and dryness. When you shave your hair against the growth, microtraumas are formed, which can develop into ugly unpleasant inflammations.

  • Change machines or blades regularly

The accumulated hairs and skin particles unwashed from the blades can become a habitat for bacteria and microbes, which will happily cause new inflammation on the skin with subsequent shaving. Change machines every 2-4 months, depending on the frequency of use. The fact that the blades become dull and do not do their job well is the reason why you shave your legs even more often.

  • Do not injure the skin

If bristles remain on the skin from the first pass of the blade, this does not mean that you need to walk the razor over the leg again, pressing it harder against the leg! This means it's time to change your machine and start using shaving foam or gel.

  • Use post-shave sedatives

Most women ignore this foot care item. But in vain. Indeed, by doing so, you doom yourself to completely unattractive redness on the skin, which can linger until the next shave and become more unpleasant after it.