Incorporate one or more of these simple habits into your dinner, and your weight will subtly shift for the better.

Dinner rules to help you lose weight easily and discreetly

It seems to many that getting rid of excess weight is a large-scale and difficult task, but this is not always the case. There are some simple lifestyle changes that can help you lose a little weight, even without exercising.

Try to start with some dinner tricks.

1. Control portion size

No matter what kind of food you eat, the key metric is your portion size. This is especially important during dinner, when you are tired and often hungrier than usual, which means that you are most susceptible to food. One way not to go overboard is to cook it in advance, put it on a plate, and you just have to eat it in the evening.

2. Start with salad

Studies have shown that starting your meal like this can actually help you lose weight. After it, the body maintains a stable level of glucose in the blood, which means that you will remain fuller for a long time. To enhance the effect, add more fiber vegetables to the salad . It not only gives satiety, but improves bowel function and accelerates metabolism.

3. Eat lean protein

Protein is a key part of a balanced diet, but not all sources are created equal . Choose leaner options for dinner, such as chicken or fish. For example, chicken contains about 160 kcal and 3 g of fat, while beef already contains 270 kcal and 16 g of fat. Even replacing one serving of meat a week with lean meat will cut calories.

4. Drink water

What you put into the glass is just as important as what you put on the plate. Drinking a glass of water before meals will help you feel full, so you eat less, thereby reducing your total calories.

Plus, dehydration increases appetite, and drinking water regularly will help keep it in check.

5. Replace salt with other spices

Too much salt can lead to fluid retention, which can lead to excess weight. Therefore, reduce its amount to the maximum possible, it is better to use such spices as turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne pepper - they add flavor to the dish and at the same time help to lose weight.

6. Eat at home

Statistically, people who do not eat at home consume more calories. When you cook yourself, you can at least roughly estimate the calorie content.In cafes and restaurants, it is very easy to lose your guard and eat more - bread baskets, dressings, sauces - all add calories. In addition, you can never say with certainty if there are any additives that are harmful to your figure.

7. Eat at the same time

Studies have shown that those who stick to the same schedule day in and day out are easier to maintain and even lose weight. But an unstable eating schedule can lead to obesity, high blood pressure and even diabetes. Set a specific time for food and try to stick to it.

8. Take a break from everything but food

Sitting at the table, put away your phone, book, magazine, do not watch TV, do not eat in front of the computer. So you will eat more slowly, more consciously , which means that you are unlikely to eat more than you need. When you are not distracted from eating, you are in control of your state and feel easier when you are full.

9. Finish your dinner with mint tea

After dinner, make yourself a cup of mint tea (no sugar). Not only is it low in calories, it can also help you relax before bed. In addition, this tea relaxes the abdominal muscles, increases the flow of bile, which improves the digestion of fats, and also the mint flavor acts as an appetite suppressant.Studies have shown that even those who just sniffed mint every 2 hours, on average, lost 2 kg per month.