Has a passionate romance, barely begun, paused? Or does the man of dreams treat you as “his boyfriend” at best, and at worst does not notice at all? Do not despair, there is a way to fix everything. The expert shares techniques that will make him think only of you.

6 techniques for a man to start thinking about you

Psychologists have developed several lines of behavior that evoke positive emotions in the interlocutor, especially if it is a man. Keep in mind: not only will the partner's attitude towards you change, but you yourself will become more sincere, open and sensual. Try to use each of the techniques in turn and watch how your inner state and the attitude of others change.

Mental strokes

When communicating with people, even on the phone, imagine that you are easily stroking the interlocutor on the head, shoulders, holding the hand. Experiment with which option works best for you and which one has the strongest effect.

Speaking gaze

Pay attention to where you are looking during a conversation. If you want to please a man, look at his nose tip or lips. This is an intimate area, men are very sensitive to such views. They quickly relax, start smiling and are ready to chat. But looking strictly in the eyes or, even worse, between the eyebrows is a forbidden technique. It signals an attack or a serious defense.

Tender appeals

When the first two points have relaxed your man, you can start with heavy artillery. Say to yourself: "My you are good", "You are so cool", "I am happy that I have you." These phrases are so imbued with love that even if you say them to yourself, the interlocutor becomes very warm and comfortable. Do you remember what happens to indoor plants if you water them and say sweet words to them? People react in the same way to warmth and affection.

Three touches

As you already understood, the essence of the technique is that you repeat all actions three times. I looked into my eyes, looked away, repeat three times. Come and touch his shoulder, then again and again. The fact is that men think about a lot and it is not so easy for them to switch as we do. And women often perceive this as a lack of love. Tactile contact will help them to readjust faster and start reacting to you correctly.

Power of Words 

In one word, you can fix a bad day and ruin great sex. So think about how you address your loved one. Do you want a man to really care for you? Replace diminutive nicknames with strong ones. Make him feel responsible for your life with him. He came home with the groceries, and you told him from the doorway: “The miner came! Master of the house!" Be smarter and more inventive. If a man, having come home, immediately goes to his desk or plunges into computer games, do not get angry. Give him time to come to his senses, and at this time go to the kitchen, heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan, squeeze out a head of garlic and add spices. Such aroma will go through the house that your loved one will definitely pay attention to it. Enter the room, whisper in your ear: "I am in the kitchen" and immediately leave the room. This technique has been tested by thousands of women and it works.

Give me a reason to brag

Everyone loves to talk about themselves loved ones. Give your partner that opportunity. For example, at dinner, ask how he learned to ride a bike or what he enjoyed most as a child. Men love to talk about their exploits, we just don't ask about it and therefore we don't know anything about them.

All of these techniques work perfectly not only with men, but also in relationships with children and with parents.