And this is not yoga, pole dancing or photography.

6 female hobbies men think are sexy

It may seem strange to some, but most representatives of the strong half of humanity do not think that yoga hobbies, pole dancing, just dancing, photographing, or even traveling to different countries of the world to improve their erudition are truly sexual. Men consider all these hobbies to be idle and indicate that the lady thinks in stereotypes and this does not promise anything interesting when communicating with her, but only spending. Men are now very pragmatic. What female hobbies actually attract men?

1. Music

Quite often, in addition to a sense of humor, the factor by which we determine whether this person is ours or not, is precisely musical preferences. If a girl loves and knows rock, rap and other areas of music, then she certainly has something to talk about.

The discrepancy in musical preferences, when she loves Kirkorov and Baskov, and he loves Iron Maiden and Metallica, is fraught with parting sometimes without even much explanation. Playing a musical instrument can be an even greater advantage.

The top 3 sexiest instruments from a male point of view include, of course, the guitar, oddly enough, the violin and the drum. Playing the piano has lost its relevance in the last century. If you want to attract the attention of an interesting guy, choose a drum kit, you will definitely not go wrong. Among the younger generation, in this case, the palm will be the ability to handle a DJ set.

2. Cars

This hobby could be ranked first in terms of relevance for men. If a woman drives a car herself and a little, and sometimes a lot, understands her, this definitely makes her attractive in the eyes of the male half of humanity. Perhaps there is also a slightly mercantile interest - her own car suggests that the lady has her own money, and here you can immediately breathe out, which means she does not plan to "sit on the neck" of the gentleman.

3. Sports

Fond of sports, watching their diet, figure, visiting the gym 3 times a week, girls are in special honor today. And it doesn't have to be Pilates, Belt Fitness, or stretching. Only heavy iron in the gym is what really attracts men. And, by the way, it gives very good results in working on yourself.

4. Active rest

Today, the love of lying on the beach and contemplating sights outside the homeland is no longer surprising to anyone. Therefore, men do not see anything sexual in such a pastime. But if a girl is keen on hiking, especially with a tent and everything that is supposed to be fishing, hunting, hiking, mountaineering, parachuting, etc. - here there are many topics for conversation and a genuine interest in the active civic position of this girl. Hiking and fishing are those hobbies that will allow you to build a strong family in the future and in some places not even take your eyes off your beloved. Very valuable and practical hobbies for a lady.

5. Computer games

Girls who are fond of and versed in computer games are priceless. The overwhelming majority of men think about this, because they know that it is difficult to meet such a girl - she is a real dream, practically a fighting friend. Such one will never say: “What are you doing there? You are not doing anything! " She will not only show understanding, but also play together.

6. Creative pursuits

And here we must add another word unusual. Because today you will hardly surprise anyone with ordinary creativity. Ladies-photographers, artists, dance lovers a little bit sore. It's another matter when a girl is fond of tattooing and works in a salon - such a release will not be from her gentlemen, even though she will look completely different from those who are fond of photographing or coloring pictures by numbers. Her whole appearance will indicate that she is a unique person, which means that it is interesting to communicate with her.