"I do everything for the hair, why do they look like that?" If you ask yourself this question from time to time, it might be because of the wrong shampooing. We will tell you what mistakes are important to avoid.

5 signs that you are washing your head the wrong way

1. Lack of foam

One of the signs of improper shampooing can be observed immediately after the procedure: when your scalp itches. Or when after a while in the root zone, skin scales are visible, similar to "dandruff". It happens due to poor emulsification (foaming) shampoo and insufficient rinsing of the scalp. 

2. Feeling dirty hair

The second frequent point: it happens that the hair after washing remained "overloaded" and it seems that before that they were even cleaner. The problem is in correct choice of home care in general or in applying a mask to the root zone (after all, only special masks can be applied to the scalp). 

3. Eternal "confusion"

The third symptom, which is quite common: after washing, the hair has turned into one big mat. The advice here is simple - in this case, you should not squeeze, "wet", confuse your hair when washing your hair. Help to get rid of tangles and detengler sprays, invented specifically for untangling curls after washing, as well as comb for combing wet hair...

4. Air conditioner only

Many are looking for one magical conditioner that does any job. But the truth is that with the most damaged hair, only one product will fail. Important find the right hair care products- this is also a difficulty - and to act in an integrated manner. In addition, you should not skimp on the amount of product when applied.

5. Folk remedies

The last (but not significant) on the list is the use of folk remedies. We've all heard about rinsing with onion and nettles, using mayonnaise and vinegar instead of conditioner. If you don't want to ruin your hair, it's best not to experiment with all this. Correct tactics: contact your master hair dresser together to find products for the desired hair type.