If you do not want to be tormented with jealousy in a relationship, listen to the man already at the first meetings - his words will immediately betray him.

5 phrases betraying an incorrigible jealous person on the first date

Many women who experience emotional abuse in relationships say they never thought their men could do this or they would not have entered into the relationship. Such fatal mistakes cost women not only wasted time, but also seas of negative emotions and burned out nerve cells. And sometimes after such an alliance you may need a psychologist.

Jealousy is a toxic feeling, so people who tend to feel it may go too far. The psychologist tells about what phrases a jealous person betrays on the first date.

1. No, I didn't say that!

Jealousy usually occurs gradually; in fact, his actions may seem harmless at first. However, over time, aggressive patterns continue, and you can become confused, anxious, isolated and depressed, and you can lose all understanding of what is really going on. Then you will begin to suffer more and more from this relationship. If in the course of a conversation he dropped an ambiguous phrase, and when you return to her, he rejects it - know that, most likely, in front of you is not only a jealous person, but also a gas lighter.

2. No, I can't at 17:00. And we won't go to this restaurant either

When he tries to manage your date completely, it could be a bad sign. His attempt to control your meeting does not seem to be an attempt to take responsibility for meeting and organizing to please you, but rather an aggressive way of total control. The early signs of controlling behavior are a huge red flag. This can be a sign not only of a jealous person, but also of a person who is showing emotional abuse or even physical abuse .

3. I find it abnormal to be in contact with exes.

Perhaps for some people it is. But this is not something that is discussed on the first date. There are always exceptions , because if your friend's brother is your ex, then you sometimes have to accidentally meet him, say hello and exchange a few words. If for a person something is of such great importance that he talks about it on the first date (especially so categorically), then you should take his words seriously.

4. My ex? She just sh ***

It is unacceptable and simply disgusting to say unpleasant things about those whom the person does not know. It’s even more disgusting to say that about a woman with whom he was once together. A normal person will rarely start discussing past relationships and speaking out about a former partner or partner on the first date. And if he even calls his former passion a woman of easy virtue, think about what he will then talk about you. You don't know their situation. Imagine if she was in a chat with a colleague, and he broke off the relationship in a pair of jealousy, stigmatizing his woman.

5. A woman in a relationship should ... (or shouldn't)

Any sexist comments indicate a man's propensity for jealousy, gaslighting, and toxicity. A psychologically stable man who knows how to manage emotions and is not limited to conservative orders will never tell you on the first date how you will have to behave if you have a relationship. This is an attempt to control and disrespect for a woman.