Of course, not everyone wants makeup to make them look younger. But you, we are ready to argue, definitely do not want him to age you. We will tell you what mistakes are best avoided for this.

5 mistakes in eye makeup that add age to everyone without exception

1. Triangle concealer

If you are still applying concealer under the eyes in a triangle like in the 20-year-old schemes, stop immediately. At 20 years old, it can look bearable. But the older you dream, the more your face slides down and the more often it needs lifting in makeup. Reception with concealer is one of the most working. Apply a little into the corner of the eye and upward from the outer tip of the eyein the direction of the arrow. Now gently blend into the skin.

2. Highlighter under the eyebrow

The same ancient patterns that advised us to apply concealer with a triangle advised placing the highlighter in the corner of the eye and under the brow. The first tip still works. But with the second it turns out, firstly, unfashionable, secondly, unnatural, thirdly, with a plus in several years. The thing is, as we get older, eyebrows and so stretch up... So they definitely do not need extra highlighting.

3. Lowered corners of the eyes

The drooping corners of the eyes are another way to age yourself with the help of makeup (and, by the way, make your face look haggard). If this is not part of your plans, do not forget that any shadows need to be shaded not in the corner of the eye, but stretching to the temple. Where in it will not hurt  to draw an arrow for yourself even if it is barely noticeable. This will stretch the eye beautifully and, as a nice bonus, make the look more mysterious.

4. Black pencil

If you don't have jet black hair and eyebrows by nature, you need to change your eyeliner from black to dark brown. The same goes for eyeliner, felt-tip liner and any other such things. Only mascara can remain black - and, to be honest, it is worth experimenting with that. The problem is that aggressive black is not "mounted" with shades in the skin, so it always looks a little foreign on the face and emphasizes imperfections.

5. Eyelashes too straight

Of a young girl, straight eyelashes, of course, can make a doll. But to get an open and clear look at the age of 30+, you cannot do without a curler, an eyelash curler. If this strange gadget always scared you, you can look for curling mascara too which will give a noticeable effect. For this - a life hack - she should have a curved and better silicone brush.