What women cannot be forgotten...

 Psychologists identify several reasons why a man who has left you may suddenly reappear on your horizon with an apology, flowers and champagne. This is a sense of responsibility in relation to their children, and the strange term "walk up", and boring novelty. But in fact, a man returns when the new relationship turned out to be completely different from what he imagined them in his rainbow fantasies. The problems turned out to be much more than in relations with an ex-wife or girlfriend. Either the new relationship did not happen, or they quickly outlived their usefulness. Men, unlike women, tolerate loneliness much worse.


According to statistics, up to 50% of divorced husbands return from a new passion to their ex-wife - to the former coziness and comfort from new problems. Men for the most part are slaves of habit; not everyone can start life from scratch, especially when it comes to a younger, capricious lady. They are not ready to look for compromises, so as soon as problems arise in a new relationship, they immediately remember their ex-wife, with whom it was so good and pleasant, because she turned a blind eye to many things, even to affairs.

Successful women

While you were together, you had many shortcomings: you didn’t earn much, and the hostess was so-so, and you didn’t look exactly perfect. The man hinted to you, hinted at your shortcomings, and you are all deaf. In general, we worked hard on ourselves, did not strive, and next to this is Apollo Belvedere. But the gap seemed to give you wings, you once - and went up the hill, began to earn more, bought yourself new gizmos, go to a beautician, go to fitness. And during this time his money somehow diminished... Of course, he will return: you are no longer a woman - a dream!

You are not alone

Leaving a woman, almost every man is sure that she will now suffer for the rest of her life: she missed such a handsome man. And you don't suffer: don't call at night, don't spy on social networks, don't write text messages about love after corporate events at work. Disorder! It turns out to the heap that you generally found a replacement for it. The owner's hunting instinct requires implementation. Therefore, to a woman who takes care of herself and her personal life in spite of everything, the ex-husband or admirer is eager to return, fall at her feet, again confess her love - to return her own, period.


A man does not always return to the one with whom he lived for many years, or to the one that quickly forgot him, or to the one that has become more successful since the moment of their separation. If, due to their characters, a toxic relationship has developed between a man and a woman, they can part and converge again countless times. And all the time for real, with anguish, feelings, tears. And then return, reconciliation, also with tears and feelings. At the heart of a toxic relationship is an emotional swing, and the victim becomes addicted to this emotional component, thinking that this is what is called love. The man leaves, slamming the door, then returns, realizing once again that he only needs her. And she is not able to take care of herself, or the arrangement of her personal life, or career growth, because while he is gone, she is suffering itself.