From Scarlett Johansson to Jennifer Lopez.

17 best celebrity hairstyles you can repeat without a stylist

A hairstyle is the finishing touch to any look that can either ruin it or significantly improve it. We invite you to remember which of the stars this year showed perfect and trendy styling.

This year, the trend towards naturalness seems to have reached its peak. But this does not mean that even putting on an evening dress, you can not comb your hair at all, as some celebrities do . Better to take the example of Scarlett Johansson , Renee Zellweger , Jessica Alba or Natalie Portman , who showed how perfect casualness, bordering on chic, should look today.

Smooth and as simple as possible styling is also relevant and looks great even with a designer dress, even with a formal suit, even with a fancy outfit. This was proved by Tina Kunaki and the singer Doja Cat.

Ariana Grande

Miley Cyrus

Jennifer Lopez surprised with unusual hairstyles, which at the same time do not look old-fashioned at all. True, they have one drawback: it is unlikely that you will be able to style your hair yourself, you will need the help of a stylist or hairdresser.

Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus on the red carpet demonstrated that the effect of "wet hair" will never go out of style (by the way, on short hair, this styling will look no worse than on long). Ariana Grande showed that a high puffy ponytail is a hairstyle for all time and any occasion. And Bella Hadid surprised with an unusual variation of the beam, which is easy to do even at home. The result is an image one hundred percent!

See these and other gorgeous celebrity hairstyles in 2020 in our photo gallery.