Every mother sometimes has doubts that she is not too perfect. Especially against the background of the number of growth in educational methods. But there is something much more important than them. We have collected evidence that you are the best mom.

10 proofs you're a good mom (remind yourself often)

All kinds of mothers are needed, all kinds of mothers are important. In the current abundance of Internet information, one might think that mom is some kind of robot. She must be restrained, patient, active, well-groomed, with styling and light make-up (constantly), all soups are cooked by themselves, pedagogical and educational knowledge is added and applied, and then you will have just wonderful children, which means that you yourself wonderful. Of course, being a mom is not easy. Aso if you decide to become an ideal mother, then rather, you will come to neurosis, your own and your children, and you will only get a negative experience of parent-child relationships.

Moms are not perfect and that's okay ! Moms are real people and they may be different, but they are all good. After all, the main thing in them is that they are loving and sincere. We invite you to find out irrefutable evidence that you are an excellent mom (read in moments of loss of strength and self-confidence):

1. Do you love your baby

And you don't talk about it every minute for show or, observing some educational method, but only when you sincerely want it and it is appropriate.

2. You hug your child

Tactile touch is a daily part and parcel of a small life. Mother's tender hands, her smell is happiness for the baby. And it's not at all difficult for you to give it, right?

3. You spend time with your child

At least minimum, an hour a day. Believe me, that's enough. You do what the child likes, you read, draw, play. By the way, this hour can break, for example, for half an hour in the morning and in the evening - and this is also not scary. The kid appreciates your presence.

4. You have regular joint rituals

They only have you and the child. For example, you bathe him or put him to bed, or tell him a story, play bingo, chess together, make crafts . You already have words or phrases that only you can understand. You will probably remember them right now. These moments are very valuable and important.

5. You are interested in the life and interests of the baby

You know the names of his friends, what happens to him. And this is not control and interrogation, but a sincere maternal interest in important events for the child.

6. You take care of the baby

To feed, drink and comb, wash, cut nails and hair - this is not just everyday life, but direct maternal tasks, which, even if they seem to you to be ordinary, the child remembers all his life.

7. You protect your child

After all, he is yours, and you are always on his side. You keep him safe and take care of everything he needs.

8. You teach your child to learn

We do not even mean the study of letters, numbers, school subjects. You tell him how to do something better, faster, more clearly in everything, help him in those minutes when there are difficulties. You don't do it for him, but you help where it is unclear, within reasonable limits.

9. You answer a million questions baby

Yes, they are permanent, because children are very curious . Your answers (and not the words “I'm busy” in most cases) will help to form closeness with you in the future, and the child will come to you in a difficult adolescence , and then in adulthood too.

10. Are you proud of your baby

He is the best in the world for you. And he will feel it.You do not reproach him and do not make him a follower, but gently help with advice, you enter his position. You will see that in the future your child will use the same model in interaction with you. And one day she will definitely say that you are the best mother in the world.