Even if you regularly wash off your makeup with hydrophilic oil or two-phase, you definitely have micellar water on your shelf “just in case”. But did you know everything about her?

why the micellar water needs to be washed off (and what else do marketers hide from us)

Fact number 1. Micellar water needs to be washed off

Although micellar water has been with us for a long time, it turned out that many people still do not wash it off. The marketers should be thanked for this, some of whom say nothing at all on the packaging, while others boldly declare: "You don't need to wash it off!"

Meanwhile, it is very necessary. Because miraculous micelles (molecules that, like a magnet, attract dirt and particles of makeup) are organized groups of the same surfactants (surfactants)that we can find in soap or shower gel.

The comparison is not entirely correct, but very indicative: imagine that you went into the bathroom , covered your body with gel, and then, instead of rinsing it off, took it and simply wiped it off with a towel. Not a pleasant sensation, right? 

In the case of "micellar" with sensations, everything is in order, that's why it is water. But from surfactants, if you skip the stage of purification, no one will relieve you. Not to mention, the micelles remaining on the skin will be filled with dirt and bacteria.

So that always wash your face with at least water or tonic or as a maximum - a foam or a gel for washing, which suits your skin type, after using micellar water. 

Fact number 2. After micellar water, it is important to moisturize the skin

On the labels of micellar water, manufacturers often report what it does not contain and what it is not saturated with. One gets the impression that you don't need extra care at all when you have such a remedy at hand.

But here's the truth: micellar water dries the skin quite strongly, even if overall you feel comfortable with it. Because this is how surfactants act on the epidermis. 

Let's take a closer look: surfactants are strong enough, but not very intelligent guys. So they collect not only harmful (read: excess sebum), but also beneficial oils. The latter are designed to protect the face from environmental factors, retain moisture in the skin and keep it soft and smooth. 

So if you use micellar water or any other surfactant product, do not forget to apply nourishing cream or oil to your skin to make her feel a little better.