There are many stereotypes about what men want. It's time to finally dispel them - this will definitely help to build relationships harmoniously.

What men want (in fact, not what stereotypes dictate)

In the movie What Do Women Want? the main character played by Mel Gibson had a unique ability to hear the thoughts of women and use their secret desires for his own good, however, in the end it turned out to be bad for him. But not only women are sometimes afraid to confess to their partners in secret desires. Likewise, many men do n't publicize what they really think . And then we women act following the prevailing stereotypes about the strong sex, although they no longer work. We asked a psychologist to open the veil of secrets about male desires.

1. To be useful and needed

Many people think that men are very independent, but in fact, everyone has a desire in their subconscious to be needed and useful. It is very important for them that the woman they have chosen as a life partner really trusts them. At the everyday level, this is expressed in the most ordinary help for which you ask your chosen one. And also in the presence of a sphere separate from you, where he can show his independence and do something as he sees fit. In other words, not to hear from you advice, not to be under your control, hanging, for example, shelves in the bedroom or repairing a vacuum cleaner.

It is vital for any man to demonstrate his skills - and not just like that, but to let you know that he is ready to independently cope with any difficult task set before him, and without listening to reproaches that he is doing something wrong.

2. To be praised

Yes, yes, pleasant words, compliments , praise are important not only for women . The second basic need for a man is to hear words of gratitude from his life partner. A man needs to understand that he is loved and appreciated for what he does for you and your family.The most ordinary words of gratitude once again demonstrate to him that you need him. Thus, the self-esteem of your chosen one grows, and his confidence in his own strengths and in you. Therefore, often say pleasant words to your partner and do not forget to thank him.

3. To be shown signs of attention

And this is also not only a woman's desire. For men, this is a sign of respect. Sometimes it seems to us that we already respect the one who is next to us, and in general we have too much to do and there is no time for some nonsense. But the truth is that respect does not require special efforts from us - it is expressed in simple attention to our chosen one, in being interested in his affairs, problems and hobbies; in the praise that each of us certainly often deserves; in promotion; in listening and understanding the other person.

4. For a woman to take the initiative

No, he does not always want to take the first step in everything. Most representatives of the strong half of humanity really want their chosen ones to at least sometimes take the initiative in sex.More active behavior of a woman once again shows a man that he is still desired and loved., which means he is important, valuable and needed, that is, once again the basic needs of a man are satisfied, and therefore there is no discontent, contradictions, quarrels over trifles and irritation in the family on various issues.

5. For a woman to take care of herself

There is a strong opinion that natural female beauty is important to men and that in general they do not really notice that their companion does not look after herself in everything. This is not true. No matter how much time has passed since the moment of marriage, the man continues to love his chosen one with his eyes. And, of course, he notices the excess weight, and the unpainted hair roots, and the unkempt appearance, and the lack of epilation. thereforeit is not necessary to relax and hammer on yourself when you have already eaten a pound of salt and passed fire, water and copper pipes - it still does not excuse you that at some point you gave up on yourself. Don't you want, like many years ago, to be the most beautiful and desirable for your man?

6. Become a daughter's dad

The stereotype that men want only heirs and are not so happy about daughters is just an outdated cliché. Men love daughters. No one will pamper their little girl like a happy dad. With her, he allows himself to show all his tenderness.