Oh yes, we know that it is imperative to wash off makeup before going to bed. But after a hard day or a stormy party, there is not always the strength and desire for this. Is it really harmful? Let's figure it out.

There is a question: why you can't sleep with makeup (and is it harmful at all)

The truth is, after one or two nights of makeup, your skin most likely won't be. But "most likely" is key here. Because, depending on the type of skin, the degree of skin sensitivity and some other points, it may turn out that you will cope with the effects of makeup sleep for several weeks.

Free radicals

Dermatologists say that if you don't rinse your makeup off overnight all the time, it can lead to unnecessary free radicals. which makeup holds... They are dangerous in that they cause the destruction of natural collagen in the skin. This is a sure way to dryness, loss of volume and wrinkles.

Clogged pores

Each night with makeup on your face will clog your pores, which can eventually lead to uneven texture, breakouts and irritations... In short, everything that you would rather stay away from.

Premature wrinkles

And also night make-up brings aging closer. While this may sound like a childish horror story, wait a minute to chuckle ironically.

Here's how it works: At night, our skin, like our brain and body in general, reboots and repairs itself. A kind of cellular detox is triggered, which allows her to stay young and beautiful. But if you haven't removed your makeup at night or cleansed your face enough, you won't have to count on a full update... And in this sense, the skin can really deteriorate faster. 

Here's a tip: if you know to yourself that on especially hard days you can come home and just "pass out", forgetting to brush your teeth and rinse off mascara and foundation, keep a pack of makeup remover wipes on your bedside table. Yes, in this case there is a risk that you will not cleanse your skin very well . But it will definitely be better than not cleaning it at all.