Red eyeliner - hit of the season: how to get away from the effect of "tear-stained eyes"

 Although they say that it is not worth teasing the Bull in 2021, if you really want to (and if you really want to), you can still. Here's how to tame red eyeliner.

1: Warm tone

Even red with a cool undertone (these colors, by the way, are especially good for girls with white skin) is still a warm color. Don't think about how it happened, just believe it. That is why, in order for the eyeliner to look harmonious, it is important to create the right company for him. Warm up your skin tone. If there is no suitable shade of foundation, use a yellowish concealer or bronzer.

2: More mascara

Red eyeliner does not ask for, but requires appropriate support. Here you have the cards in hand: get yours mascara for creating doll lashes, bundles and false eyelashes. And if all this is not found, take your usual black mascara and stain your eyelashes in three or even four layers. Advice: additionally go over the upper mucous membrane of the eye with a black gel pencil - it will turn out very effectively. 

3: Calm setting

Although almost all beauty bloggers would argue with us now, if you are just starting your acquaintance with red eyeliner, first "build" it into a fairly calm makeup. At first,this will highlight the color on the faceand the arrows will be even brighter . Secondly, it will save you time and nerves, because nude makeup, even in the evening mood, you probably do very quickly. 

4: Red and white combination

Red and white in makeup support each other as good as red and gold in a manicure (haven’t seen our New Year's compilation yet? look soon! ) Moreover, it will work in several directions at once:

  • make the arrow red and white like a lollipop if we're talking about makeup for New Year's Eve;
  • Place the white eyeliner above the red for a stylish double eyeliner;
  • if you draw your eyes with a red pencil from below, use a fixing beige pencil on the lower mucous membrane so that your eyes do not look tired or tear-stained. 

5: Improvisation

Red is a tricky color. At the same time, he incredibly beautifully emphasizes gray and blue eyes, "pulling out" from them all the depth and blue. If you are afraid that your eyes will not look good, use blogging trick with impromptu arrows (see gallery)... They frame the eye much higher than the usual arrow, and you can lay them out even with sparkles, even with shadows with a shimmer, even with small rhinestones. 

tear-stained eyes

tear-stained eyes

tear-stained eyes