Are there any generally accepted rules when it comes to family budgeting?

Many men prefer not to tell a woman how much they earn, fearing that a woman will want to manage the family budget and will start demanding more gifts and investments in herself. At the same time, women are persistently trying to find out how much their husband earns. We figure out how to do it right...

Is his money ours? Should a wife know how much her husband earns

Elena and Alexander began dating as students. Together they came up with and organized a business, and then brought the company out of the crisis. Together we recruited staff, created a business plan, and kept a budget. And then, when the company reached its peak, they sold it, splitting the money in half. After that, everyone created their own new business. Now Elena does not know how much her husband earns, which worries her very much, since she is used to managing the family budget. Alexander, on the other hand, is glad that his wife does not control his income and expenses. And he feels like a real man.

To all his wife's questions about earnings, he only answers: “Tell me, how much money do you need? I will help you as much as I can! "

Elena names different amounts to check Alexander's generosity and financial capabilities. And every time the husband finds them to help her. Although she does not need help, since her business is quite successful.

Elena does not know what Alexander is doing with income, and is afraid that he spends money on entertainment and women. It seems to her that if she controlled the entire family budget and her husband's income, they would be much richer and more successful. And she would be calmer.

If a husband helps his wife and supports her financially, without asking what exactly she spends money on, then he has every right not to tell how much he earns. And he may well manage his finances at his own discretion - to invest in business development, in himself or in entertainment.

The husband is an adult. And if you married him, then at least you must trust this person.

And as a maximum - allow him to have his own personal space and his own personal expenses. In addition, the less effort you put into finding out the secret, the faster it will be revealed to you. "The force of action is equal to the force of reaction" - this law applies to all spheres of life. When we really want something, it runs away from us. When we relax and stop putting super-efforts, everything happens by itself. People return, secrets are revealed, women become pregnant, etc. There are many examples.

Gone are the days when a husband gave his wife all the money, carefully hiding personal funds in the form of a stash. These were the times of weak men and strong women. When the wife played the role of wife and mother, and the husband played the role of son, regardless of his age. Gone are the days when people had no personal boundaries, and couples lived according to the principle of "endure - fall in love", "beats - it means love", etc. The systems of family and relationships that our parents and grandparents lived by are outdated. And it's important to adapt to the new. This process can seem painful. But it is essential for a happy and harmonious relationship. One of the main elements here is mutual trust.