How to understand by text that he really likes you

First, he starts asking stupid questions.

It's no secret that 99 percent of modern relationships start with texting online. But how do you know that he really has a crush on you? We asked guys how they write messages, when they actually like a girl, and here's what they said.

1. He starts asking stupid questions.

In order to somehow maintain the conversation, a man will ask you about your favorite music, interesting films that you have recently watched, about your hobbies ... In a word, about various insignificant nonsense. Its main goal is to engage you in a pen conversation. Hurrah! He likes you!

2. He begins to like all your photos furiously.

If he is really interested, he will want to view all your photos on Instagram or Facebook, and at the same time put the cherished hearts. If you see that he has liked the last 10-20 photos, he will be sure that he is not indifferent to you.

3. He devotes to communication with you almost all day.

You can also determine the degree of sympathy by the amount of time he spends in correspondence with you. If he wrote not one or two messages a day, but as many as thirty or forty, it means that he is really interested in communicating with you.

4. He doesn't skimp on compliments.

If a man says nice things about your sense of humor, erudition, appearance, then you are definitely not indifferent to him. The indifferent will not overwhelm with compliments.

5. He talks about himself.

To whet your interest, he will talk about his hobbies, tastes and even ask for your advice. It is possible that your correspondence will end with a serious romance!

6. He worries about you.

Perhaps questions such as "What did you eat today?" and "Did you wear a scarf today?" seem a little strange, but be sure - if he started asking them, you seriously sunk into his soul. This also includes messages with recommendations to dress warmer, questions about how you got home from work and whether you are in a good mood today.

7. He misses.

He may just offer to chat before bed, or he may honestly admit that he likes talking to you and that he misses. How cute isn't it?

8. He remembers you during the day.

Very often, when we fall in love with someone, everything around begins to remind us of this person. From time to time, he can tell you that he just heard a song on the radio and remembered about you, or that he passed a cafe and remembered that you love pizza ...

9. He offers help.

You can test how much a man likes you by asking him for a little favor. For example, help you find some information on the Internet. If he agrees immediately, then he is seriously interested in you and he is not lazy. Well, if it refers to being busy, write it all.

10. He sends you funny pictures.

Not all men will do this, but if your new acquaintance started sending photos of flowers and cats, it means that he wants to bring you joy and bring a smile on your face, which is worth a lot!

11. He takes the initiative.

Of course, romantic correspondence is good, but if a man really likes you, he will probably want to meet in person and invite you to a park, cafe or cinema. And if you like him too, agree immediately!