How to remove extended nails with an apparatus or at home? Infographics with instructions

 Even if the nail extension was done with high quality, in compliance with all the intricacies of technology, the material is not recommended to be worn all the time, non-stop. Natural nails become thinner and weaker after several coated manicure procedures. In order for them to recover and be ready for further nail experiments, regular correction is required after 14-20 days and after 2-3 corrections, the removal of extended nails. It is imperative that the process itself is carried out carefully without damaging the plates.

The technology and tools used are selected based on the properties of the material used for building. The most popular are gel products and combined polygels. The extended nails, as a rule, are removed in the nail salon, but there are force majeure circumstances when it is simply urgent to perform this procedure at home, on your own.

How to remove extended nails - hardware technique

The hardware method allows you to remove extended nails as quickly as possible and with minimal consequences. A carbide cutter or ceramic is suitable for this purpose. You need to cut at high speeds.

Do not keep the device in one place for a long time: unpleasant sensations will appear or the natural nail plate will be damaged.

Cutting starts from the middle of the nail. You need to work with smooth movements, without undue pressure. First, the color is removed: from the center to the sides. You need to carefully approach the cuticle, directing the cutter perpendicularly with the tip.

Excess length can be removed with nail scissors, nippers or a cutter, pointing it at 45 degrees. The disadvantage of using the device is an unpleasant and loud sound that is emitted when the nail touches the cutter.

Next, see the step-by-step infographic guide detailing each step of the wizard.

step-by-step infographic guide

How to remove gel polish from extended nails?

Since the coating with extended nails turns out to be thick and strong enough, it is not possible to remove it by soaking. Sometimes you only need to correct and remove the polygel and whether the gel is not necessary. In this case, only colored gel polish is removed from the surface. The only way to remove gel polish from extended nails is to cut the finish down to the artificial finish. This procedure is performed again by a master using the device in the salon, or at home manually using a file.

When working with a manicure device with a cutter, it takes 2-3 minutes for each finger, and without the device it takes about 5-7 minutes for a finger. To work manually, you need the following tools:

  • files of different abrasiveness;
  • a brush or brush for dusting off (do not neglect this tool);
  • polishing buff (it will help to make the final touches in polishing);
  • cleanser;
  • cotton pads, and better lint-free napkins.

Here's how the procedure is performed:

  • The top and first layer of colored gel polish is removed with a file with a hardness of 80-100 grit. Dust is brushed off with a brush.
  • When a significant part of the colored coating has already been cut, the remains are removed with a softer file. The pressure must be reduced. Do not forget to periodically brush off the dust.
  • Dust residues are carefully removed with a cleanser.
The process is not difficult, but annoying. It takes a lot of patience to process all the marigolds.

How to remove extended nails yourself at home?

It is very difficult to remove the artificial covering to the natural nail at home, but it is possible in case of emergency.

The tools required are:

  • a set of files of various degrees of hardness;
  • special, liquid for soaking and removing various types of artificial turf.
  • aluminum foil or special plastic fingertips for removing nails by soaking;
  • nail tongs (with their help you will need to cut off the free edge);
  • cotton pads;

Instructions on how to remove an extended nail at home are as follows:

  • Cut the foil into strips so that it is easy to wrap your nails in them.
  • Cut off the free, extended edge with nail tongs. But this must be done very carefully. And it is better to simply cut the length with a file with high abrasiveness.
  • Remove varnish or most of the gel or acrygel coating. For this, a file for 80-100 grit is used. This is the longest and most difficult stage.
  • When the main thickness of the artificial turf has been removed, change the file to a “softer” 180 gr. Be careful not to saw through the nail. 
  • When we have reached the base layer, you need to apply one cotton pad dipped in liquid to each nail.
  • Wrap the nail in a pre-prepared strip of foil for a greenhouse effect. Under such conditions, the acetone-based product dissolves the artificial turf.
  • Expect effect within the time indicated in the instructions for the liquid.
  • Remove and discard the foil.
  • Remove the softened coating with an orange stick. Over time, the coating can harden again, so do not hesitate with this work. It is better to open one finger at a time.
  • Polish the natural nail plate with a soft buff, then with a polisher to remove the remaining irregularities.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly, apply a protective firming coating to the nails and treat them with a moisturizer. 


Before proceeding with the procedure and removing the cover with an apparatus or a file, you must definitely wear protective glasses and a mask. Protection is also required when removing material without a device, when using manicure tools (nippers and a file). The free edge of the artificial marigold is strong and rather heavy, therefore, when biting off, it can fly off and, according to the well-known law, get into the eye. The master must have gloves on.


Many people decide to remove long extended nails with their own hands at home, since it is free and urgently fast. The work takes a long time, so you need to get ready to devote an hour and a half to it.

You should not just peel off the cover without prior preparation. Polygel without sawing or gel polish without softening is not so easy to remove.