How to put on makeup to look younger than your age

 You probably know that improper makeup can easily age and make you look tired. And how to become younger with the help of makeup - we will tell you right now.

1: Moisturizing foundation

Rule one - humidification... But with dry skin, any wrinkles look more noticeable, so you should moisturize your face not only before make-up (primer with hyaluronic acid is perfect!), But also during. And don't be afraid that your face will look greasy. The T-zone can always be finally powdered.

2: Sponge all over the head

To keep the skin glowing with health and youth, tonal products need to be applied gently but intensely. If you've never used brushes in particular, it can be difficult to achieve this effect. If you work with your fingers, there is a risk of missing strategically important areas. And here soft egg-shaped sponge pre-soaked in water is ideal. 

3: If powder, then only fixing

Tint powder can be ugly on clothes, and it's easy to overdo it. Not to mention the powder, if you're not careful emphasizes all age-related skin imperfections... So it is better to use it to a minimum, if not completely. And, by the way, only transparent. 

4. Creamy textures are the favorites

Makeup artists know: there is little that can reveal age as much as heavy crumbly textures. This is why it is important in anti-age makeup use more cream products... Blush, eyeshadow, bronzer and highlighter should literally melt into the skin. And then the face will immediately look younger and fresher.

About the highlighter: it's true that with age the shine in your makeup should be reduced... But the highlighter adds volume to the face, so leave the product on your cheekbones anyway. But the lips, bridge of the nose and the area under the eyebrow, perhaps, really do without it.

5: Blush instead of contouring

Women lose facial fat as they age - and it's worth using. Now your cheekbones do not require additional elaboration of contouring products (they are already noticeable), therefore we will apply blush under the cheekbones... This will give the complexion a healthy glow and a light make-up.  

6. Brown is the new black

After a certain age, clear lines and forehead colors are prohibited. To add softness without giving up on your favorite makeup tricks, simply swap out mascara and eyeliner from black to brown. The result, we promise, will pleasantly surprise you. And if also you will take 1-2 shades lighter for eyebrows, you risk not recognizing yourself in the mirror (in a good way).

7. Primer to keep shadows from fading

Even if you've never used an eyeshadow primer before, believing that this thing is needed only for those who already have everything, now is the time to give it a try. The fact is that the primersmoothes the skin on the eyelidsso that the shadows do not accentuate wrinkles and do not roll. It turns out great.