How to plant a homemade stone date

 It is not difficult to grow a date from a stone at home. But remember that the tree will grow for a long time and will never bear fruit under indoor conditions. But such a palm tree will fit well into the interior, it is undemanding to care, and most importantly, it is grown by hand.

What you need to know about homemade date

It will be possible to grow a palm tree only if the fruits have not been heat treated. Fresh dates or dried fruits are suitable for germination. The entire process in room conditions takes 4 to 6 months, but it can be accelerated.

To make the seed grow faster, follow the recommendations:

  • rinse the fruits thoroughly so that they do not start to rot in the ground;
  • carry out scarification, rub the bone with coarse sandpaper to break the shell;
  • pour boiling water over the fruits and soak in a growth stimulant solution until swelling;
  • place the fruits in the soil 2 to 3 cm.

The date needs a high temperature for germination, so it is better to put the pot in the warmest and brightest place. Do not forget to water the substrate regularly so that the tender sprouts come out faster. Thanks to the pre-planting processing of the fruits, dates germinate faster, after 1-3 months.

Plant more seeds as not all of them will sprout. For picking and further cultivation, leave a few plants, as in the first stages there may be mistakes, which will lead to the death of the palm tree. Moreover, extra copies can be distributed to friends or taken to the office.

Caring for a stone date at home

The first transplant of dates is carried out after the plants grow a little and get stronger, and their size reaches 10 cm. Choose small pots with a diameter of a little more than 10 cm, prepare the soil for the palms in advance. It can be a store substrate or your own production. Just mix 4 parts humus with 2 parts washed sand, add 1 part peat and 2 parts leafy earth. At this age, plants are very sensitive to transplantation, so carry out all manipulations carefully, trying not to injure the root system.

In the future, the date is transplanted annually up to 5 years of age, after which only as needed. Determining that a plant needs a transplant is simple: its roots are visible from the drainage holes in the pot. During a planned transplant, prune the lower part of the roots, otherwise the tree may die.

From a lack of watering, the leaves on the palm tree dry out and do not recover. In the future, they will have to be deleted.

Since the date palm is quite unpretentious, minimal care is required. Watch the temperature in the room, it should be high, ventilate the room regularly, but protect the plant from drafts. Water the tree as needed, periodically spray it or rinse it under the shower.

During the period of active growth, dates from the stone at home are fed with a special fertilizer for palm trees. The potted medium with a mature plant is replaced every 6 months. To do this, remove the top layer and add fresh earth.

Of course, the date palm from the seed grows slowly, but watching how the seed gradually turns into a cute tree is very interesting. Follow all the instructions and you will definitely succeed.