Every woman who knows the joy of motherhood will not allow lying that sometimes there are days when you want not only to drop your hands, but also to throw your legs back. Here's how to scare away these thoughts.

How a mom can boost her self-esteem: what to do if you feel underappreciated

We are not the first, we are not the last to say that being a mother is a real job. And without the prospect of an increase, but with a 100% guarantee of burnout.

Every woman who knows the joy of motherhood will not allow lying that sometimes there are days when you want not only to drop your hands, but also to throw your legs back. When it seems that all words and actions are going nowhere, and everyone at home does not care about your efforts.

In this article, we will try to understand how to be and what to do when your self-esteem hit the wall of misunderstanding and disappeared somewhere in the abyss of self-doubt and suspicion that neither children nor husband appreciate your daily exploits. 

Let's start without unnecessary preambles (read with an intonation slightly reminiscent of a mentor's, but friendly). 

Show off to your fullest

Kick the habit of devaluing your work properly, take a piece of paper (if you want, you can do it all mentally) and start writing down all your mom's achievements. In this case, you definitely do not need to be ashamed. Write whatever you think is necessary. All that which in a series of bustle and routine is not noticed and devalued. Here, right, brag to the fullest! 

Make a list of what you taught your child, for example, by his 5-7 years. 

  • Surely without you he would not have learned to make his bed, clean the dishes, clean up his room;
  • Remember exactly how you taught your daughter or son to cook their first signature dish; 
  • Smile, describing in detail your emotions and the emotions of a child from a joint game, which could stretch for several days and turn into an exciting series. You will not find such a mother with fire in the afternoon!
  • Praise yourself for every organized family vacation and the ability to involve everyone in the common leisure. Dads, of course, play an important role in the family (it is better to talk about their contribution separately so that we do not get the impression that we devalue paternal care) , however, it is mothers who are often the engine and muse that inspires them to go to museums, parks together, and instills in children a sense of beauty and much more. 

Consider all this when you make your "boastful mommy list." It should contain at least 10 items , but we are sure that the list will obviously be longer.

Don't be intimidated or upset if things get difficult at first. This is normal. Do not drop your pen, keep thinking, remembering and overbearing modesty and thoughts a la: "Well, what's the big deal?" 

As soon as you sign and get a taste, then, believe me, you will experience real pride in yourself and you will understand that a person who allegedly "is not capable of anything, and whose actions no one notices" would never have coped with all these without exaggeration of the most difficult cases. 

Let's say right away that this practice is unlikely to help you instantly get rid of low self-esteem. Yet this is the process that needs to be worked out routinely, as if it were a course of peels. However, by 70 percent, our simple advice will definitely cope.

Save this list and always remember what you do every day. Do not discount your actions yourself and do not allow others to do it. Always find time for yourself without sacrificing your own interests to please the interests of your child or husband . 

If you feel the need, make these lists regularly. Be happy, have a nice day!