BB, CC and DD are no longer surprising. Manufacturers promise perfect complexion and rejuvenation. How do these tools actually work? Should they replace the more familiar ones?

How does bb cream differ from ss cream

BB cream

The first product with letters that stands for Blemish Balm Cream, that is, "cream for imperfections", appeared over 50 years ago in Korea... It was created as a dermatological agent with a slight tonal effect that could be used after plastic surgeries (in Korea, just then the boom on them began), as well as cosmetic procedures. This was necessary to hide bruises, redness, moisturize, protect the face from ultraviolet radiation, which can cause hyperpigmentation after peelings or laser resurfacing.

And very soon it was appreciated by those who did not do polishing, but simply observed the standard day after day. 10-step korean care ritual:

  • pre-cleansing, including face and eye make-up removal;
  • direct cleansing using hydrophilic oil, which must be washed off, and then apply gel or milk;
  • peeling; 
  • toning; 
  • pre-moisturizing with essence application;
  • moisturizing itself, as well as other stages that took at least 15 minutes.

This is only in the morning, and you need to cleanse the skin to wash off the makeup every day and in the evening...

It is not surprising that the tube that replaced half of these stages became a must-have for every Korean woman almost immediately after its appearance. And in the early 2000s, when Korean cosmetics began to conquer the West, in a cosmetic bag German, British, French...

Western manufacturers soon began to produce these themselves, not limiting themselves to the already standard 5-6 caring properties, but increasing them to almost 10! Radiance, skin tone, hydration, nourishment, smoothing, UV protection are just a few of the properties that BB has.

Today there is no shortage of BB-tools and we have... Someone uses it as a basic care product instead of day care, and someone replaces it with a foundation. If the skin is young, then, most likely, one bibi cream in combination with a cleanser and tonic is quite suitable for caring for it. But with obvious signs of age-related changes, it is better to apply serum under it during the day, and in the evening to use a night product with active ingredients.

CC cream

The first cc-cream appeared in 2010, its name was based on the first letters of the words Color Correction, meaning "Color Correction". Manufacturers presented the novelty as a foundation with moisturizing components, which is good adjusts to tone, corrects imperfections...

Then what is the difference between bb cream and ss cream, if they both mask imperfections and improve complexion? CC is lighter, better suited to owners of oily skin. BB is denser, therefore it is perfect for owners of normal or dry skin who are not damaged by excess nutrition. Also, answering the question: "What is better bb or cc cream?", You should know that BB evens out the tone in general, and CC copes better with pinpoint imperfections: pigment, traces of acne, blood vessels.

Analysis by composition

Whichever of these means you choose, it will not be superfluous pay attention to the composition... Deeper moisture will be provided by jars of hyaluronic acid, collagen, glycerin, urea and aloe extract. At the same time, these components will give the face smoothness and velvety.

DD creams

The first DD cream appeared on the cosmetic market in 2012, and was declared by the manufacturer as a product for the daily protection of the skin of the body: elbows, knees, feet. There were many professional foot products as well as nourishing body lotions that worked well for rough areas. So the dd novelty was not very popular.

Then it was decided to change the advertising company. So DD, that is, Daily Defense, began to be recommended as a face care product. If you are interested in  bb cc dd creams differences, then know that the main difference between dd and bb and cc creams isprotecting the skin from dehydration and environmental aggression: smog, pollution, ultraviolet radiation.

DD has no pronounced toning effect. The coating that such products give is practically transparent. They also often contain anti-aging ingredients: plant extracts, vitamin E - manufacturers in this case position the products as anti-age. However, you should not use them to prevent signs of aging.