How can you change the gasket in the faucet in the kitchen

 If a tap is leaking in an apartment or house, it seriously irritates the nerves of the people who live there. In addition, today, when utilities are quite expensive, it is a shame to throw money out into the air. And this is exactly what happens when water runs out of pipes.

The most common cause of this problem is a torn or frayed gasket. This is a small detail, but it plays a very important role in the design of the mixer. It is thanks to her that the elements of the tap are tightly fastened together and thus do not let water through. The reasons why the pad begins to leak water can be different. So, for example, it may be the poor quality of the material from which the gasket is made, or the wrong size of the gasket, and problems can also arise if the gasket is warped during the installation of the mixer.

In some cases, the destruction of the gasket is caused by foreign bodies that enter the mixer. Once inside, they can put pressure on the gasket and thus gradually fray or deform it. In any case, if this happens, it is necessary to replace the gasket. Such repair of the mixer is quite simple and even a person who is not familiar with such work can do it.

Preparatory stage of work

Replacing a gasket in a broken tap is a fairly simple task, but it also requires some preparation. The first thing to do is to shut off the water supply to the mixer . To do this, you usually need to close the valve that supplies water to the kitchen. If the valve is broken, then you will have to use the services of a plumber.

It must be remembered that it is forbidden to carry out work on replacing the gasket in the mixer without shutting off the water supply. If this is not done, the pressure can be very strong and thus flood the entire kitchen and, possibly, the neighbors on the lower floor.

A gasket for a specific kitchen faucet model must be purchased in advance. If you have already had to change it before, then the size of the gasket must be known. If the owner first encountered a similar problem, then it is best to purchase a set of gaskets for the mixer, which has products of different sizes.

When starting work on replacing the gasket in the tap, it is necessary to protect the sink from possible damage. To do this, you need to put a piece of thick cardboard at the bottom. This will allow you to work completely calmly, without worrying about the safety of the shell. Without fail, before starting work, you need to collect warm water in a small container. It may be needed to wash the mixer parts (crane axle boxes, etc.), from the plaque that forms during its use.

In addition to all of the above, you will also need a tool:

  • Adjustable wrench for plumbing. If this tool is not in the house, you can use simple wrenches;
  • Be sure to use a flat and Phillips screwdriver.
  • Knife (thin) and scissors.

Determining the type of malfunction

The first thing the owner will have to do when replacing parts in a kitchen faucet is to determine what type of device this device belongs to. The crane can be of several types:

  • swivel with 1 metal head;
  • swivel, but with a ceramic head;
  • single-lever mixer with a replaceable cartridge.

In the first and second cases, a damaged gasket may be the cause of the valve leakage. In the third case (single-lever mixer), a cartridge breakage may cause leakage . In this case, to fix the problem, you will have to replace it.

If, after all, a rotary valve is installed in the kitchen, then the first step is to determine which gasket has deteriorated. This can be done by paying attention to some signs. So, for example, if water flows out of the mixer itself, then the problem is most likely in the gasket that is installed on the valve. This malfunction occurs more often than others. It is not difficult to fix it. It's another matter if water runs out from under the valve head, in which case you will have to remove the valve-axle box and change the gasket that is located between the mixer body and the valve head.

Replacing the gasket

1. We shut off the water in the system with a valve and carefully drain the rest so that there is no water left in the powered pipes. If, nevertheless, water leaks a little even with the valve closed. It is necessary to substitute a container under the tap into which it will fall. As mentioned above, you need to put thick cardboard at the bottom of the kitchen sink - this will protect it from mechanical damage. It will also prevent bolts or other parts from getting into the drain pipe.

2. Depending on how the crane is arranged, you need to remove its handle . The handles in the mixers are arranged in different ways, some are simply put on the valve head, others are also fixed with a bolt. On top of such a bolt, a special decorative cap is most often installed. When the handle is removed, you need to pry it off with a knife and only then unscrew the holding bolt. When unscrewed, the tap handle can be easily removed.

3. The valve head is unscrewed with an adjustable wrench . If ceramic discs are installed in the head, they must be carefully examined for damage and cracks, because it is they in this design that most often cause water leakage. If the ceramic is damaged, the entire mixer head will definitely have to be replaced.

4. If the valve head is made of metal, you must also very carefully consider the gasket, which is located at the very bottom of the device. If it is damaged (uneven edges, loss of elasticity, tears), this is the cause of the faucet leak in the kitchen. In this case, replace this gasket with a new one. To do this, you need to purchase it in advance.

In some cases, replacing the gasket may not be necessary, just rinse the old gasket , turn it over and reinstall it. Some owners of an apartment or house, instead of buying a gasket, decide to make it themselves. For this, sheet rubber of a certain thickness is most often used. A gasket is cut out of it with the help of scissors, while a damaged gasket is used as a template.

5. If you need to change the O-ring on the mixer head. You need to pry it off with a knife or scissors, rinse the head and install a new ring.

6. When the work is done you need to assemble the crane. This is done in reverse order. First of all, the mixer head is installed in its place, after which it must be tightened using an adjustable wrench. Moreover, you need to tighten the head tightly, but you cannot transfer it. After that, you need to install all the protective covers, bushings and other parts of the crane. The last step is to install the handle , put it in place and screw it on with a bolt, after which a decorative cap is put on it.

7. Checking the operation of the mixer. To do this, you need to open (not completely) the valve and check how the kitchen faucet works. If water runs out of the mixer in a normal stream and there are no leaks, you can open the valve to full capacity.


Now many experts advise installing special filters in the water supply system in the kitchen . They purify the water and thus increase the operating time of all parts of the mixer, including the gaskets. Such a filter retains all heavy particles, and this protects the crane from damage. In addition, such systems also affect the service life of the drain pipes.

From this article it is clear that replacing the gasket is not very difficult, even for a person who has no experience with plumbing. And after reading it, you can also change the gasket.