Honey and cinnamon: 4 benefits to eat them together

Both honey and cinnamon, taken separately, have very beneficial properties. If you combine them, some of them will increase. But not all - in some cases, their advantages are sometimes exaggerated.

Cinnamon and honey  are foods that play a very positive role in our health. So why not try eating them together? Moreover, it is very tasty. So, their benefits will double at once? In some cases, yes, but not all. The combination of honey with cinnamon has managed to acquire myths that we will debunk by telling about their real and fictional effectiveness.

Useful properties of honey

  1. Treats cough. According to scientists, honey suppresses night cough more successfully, one of the main substances of cough suppressants is dextromethorphan.
  2. Heals wounds and burns. It is scientifically proven that applying honey to the skin is a powerful wound healing remedy.

Also among the advantages of honey (but they have not yet been finally confirmed):

  • hypnotic effect;
  • improving memory;
  • treatment of fungal infections;
  • elimination of dental plaque.

Useful properties of cinnamon

  1. Reduces inflammation. Hence,promotes faster treatment and even reduces the risk of chronic diseases.
  2. Helps in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Cinnamon may help slow the progression of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
  3. Protects against cancer. Helps prevent the growth and reproduction of cancer cells (although research has so far been conducted only on animals).

Among other properties:

  • irritable bowel syndrome treatment;
  • reduced symptoms of food poisoning;
  • treatment of attention deficit disorder;
  • help in reducing hyperactivity;
  • treatment of polycystic ovaries.

Shared benefit

The theory is that if honey and cinnamon are beneficial on their own, then combining them may enhance their benefits in certain areas:

  1. Reduces the risk of heart disease. A duet of honey and cinnamon can help reduce some of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease: high cholesterol (foods lower it by 6-11%), high blood pressure. They are also rich in antioxidants, which are very beneficial for the heart - they improve blood flow to the heart and prevent blood clots, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  2. Heal wounds. Both honey and cinnamon can fight bacteria and reduce inflammation, which promotes skin healing. Honey is able to heal burns, as well as foot ulcers - one of the complications of diabetes. Cinnamon helps protect the body from dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  3. May help manage diabetes. Consuming cinnamon regularly is proven to be beneficial for diabetics. It lowers blood sugar and makes cells more sensitive to insulin. And honey does not affect the blood as much as regular white sugar . However, honey is rich in carbohydrates, so diabetics should still consume it in limited quantities.
  4. They are sources of antioxidants. These substances protect cells from free radicals that can damage them, cause premature aging and cancer. Cinnamon ranks first among the spices in terms of antioxidant content.

The unproven benefits of honey and cinnamon

The combination of these products is useful, we have already understood this, but their effectiveness should not be exaggerated. Some popular properties have not been proven, which means they may not appear:

  1. Cold treatment. Honey and cinnamon are antibacterial, but viruses are more likely to cause colds.
  2. Fight allergy symptoms.
  3. Acne treatment. They can be helpful in the prevention phase.
  4. Help in losing weight. Honey may be slightly healthier than white sugar , but that doesn't mean it will help you lose weight.
  5. Relief of arthritis pain.
  6. Improving digestive problems.