Makeup for the New Year not only can, but even must be brilliant. What about the body? Well, it's actually part of the makeup too. And here shining oil will help - we figure out how to choose and apply it.

Glitter body oil: how to choose and use it correctly

Shimmer body oil is a great way to make even the most casual dress festive. And even, quite frankly, a T-shirt and jeans. Because when you shine brighter than Edward Cullen (if you know what we mean), no one can doubt that you were going to this party quite seriously.

So that you choose a product that will definitely not let you down, and apply it as needed, we reveal a few secrets. 

1: Test and experiment

Radiance to radiance of strife. You should feel like a queen on New Year's Eve, so choose butter with the shimmer option you like best... It can be small or larger, warm or cold, and even colorful. And a preliminary test will help to avoid skin reactions (even if you are not allergic, you never know what).

2: Apply to correct areas

For your flickering to be seen from the most distant planets, it is important apply the product to areas that normally catch light. This - remember - shoulders, neckline , front of thighs and calves. It is also very cool to choose a highlighter to match: apply it on the back of the nose, a tick above the upper lip and in the corners of the eyes to finalize the look. 

3: Use a brush or sponge

Shimmering oil with your hands seems like a healthy decision. And there really is nothing wrong with that. But the "make-up" of the body will stay with you all night long if  you will approach the issue a little more professionally... Makeup artists advise spreading the glowing oil over the skin with a brush (preferably a brush) or a sponge (not only beauty blender will do, but also variations on the theme). You will see, the result is just wow. 

4: Prepare your skin well

For everything to shine exactly as you intended, and not "somehow crooked", it is important to prepare the skin for the application of the product. Despite the fact that we use a shimmery oil, which is supposed to nourish the skin,pre-moisturize the body with a light lotion... This will ensure that the oil looks prettier and lasts longer.