Could a special slimming tea be a miracle remedy? Myths about the drink, in which it is time to stop believing.

Does it work exactly? Is there a real benefit to slimming tea

Drinking a wonderful tea and getting the coveted volumes - isn't any of us a dream? But whatever one may say, but a magic drink for weight loss does not work so simply, it can also harm your health. Before succumbing to the temptation and brewing an infusion, let's learn a few rules, and once and for all throw out of our heads those that do not work.

Myth 1. Slimming tea speeds up metabolism faster than anyone.

Perhaps each of us knows that tea improves metabolism. Butthis fact applies to absolutely every tea drink, regardless of the mark, centimeters melting before our eyes. It's all about the correct composition of components that accelerate metabolism , improve blood circulation and stimulate the digestive system. That is why it is not recommended to collect tea infusions on your own. First, they need to be collected strictly at a specific time. And secondly, can you tell the difference between medicinal rosemary and weeds? We recommend, nevertheless, not to take risks and trust the professionals, who, under special control, will select the best inflorescences for you, mix them correctly and pack them into convenient and beautiful packaging.

Myth 2. Self-collected herbal tea is safer for health

Whatever composition it has, it is worth remembering that herbs are a specific additive that can cause allergies, disrupt hormonal levels and even cause blood clotting problems. Their use is a whole therapy and should be prescribed by a specialist. If phyto tea is so necessary for you, it is worth choosing the right dosage so as not to disturb the internal microflora: for example, when consuming diuretic teas, the load on the kidneys increases, and useful substances and trace elements are washed out with water.

Myth 3. Herbal tea can be drunk often and at any time of the day

But no. Due to the same diuretic effect, it is not recommended to drink this tea before bed. At night, all processes in the body slow down, so that you shouldn't count on waking up slim in the morning. A cup of strong tea will only overexcite the body and give insomnia.

Myth 4. Slimming tea removes fat

No matter how wonderful herbal tea is, it will not be able to remove fat deposits. But to reduce the volume by removing water and cleansing the intestines - quite. Natural green tea is especially popular for combating puffiness: it contains theanine (an analogue of caffeine), which naturally makes the body generate more heat, which means it accelerates all internal processes.

Remember that tea detox is only a small part of the path to being lean. The herbal drink can only maintain the desired effect, and in order to really lose a couple of extra pounds, it is worth working out nutrition and exercising regularly.

What tea to drink then

In order not to harm yourself and really try to lose weight (a with the right approach, the effect of minus 2 kg can be seen in a couple of weeks), instead of home experiments, it is better to pay attention to organic products and ready-made teas. Tea collections with natural ingredients such as thyme, jasmine, ginger and berries will fill the body with useful substances, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and gently start metabolism.