Do you think it takes at least an hour to create a beautiful holiday hairstyle? But no. Right in front of you - five spectacular styling that can be done in just 5 minutes.

1. With voluminous bangs

With voluminous bangs

Sometimes, to turn a regular hairstyle into a festive one, just a couple of strokes with a comb... Part the bangs with a side parting and comb the bangs a little, and then fix them well with dry shampoo. Add texture to length with a salt spray - a product that will add fashionable casualness to styling quickly and without nerves.

2. With hoop

With hoop

Large velvet hoops - super trend, which is a sin not to use in such an important matter as creating a New Year's hairstyle. Make light curls, fix with varnish, twist part of the hair in hoops, as in the photo on the left. Now choose a pair of pajamas or a cozy tonal knit suit - the perfect outfit for a home party is ready.

3. With bow

With bow

Another hair trend of the season is bows. This hairstyle is easy, but looks very beautiful and really festive(especially if you take the velvet or satin version of the accessory). You can use a hairpin with a bow, or you can use a simple ribbon. For a final touch, brush your hair with a flexible hold spray. 

4. With hidden elastic

With hidden elastic

If your hair is long enough, consider a low ponytail with a smoothed - gel-shine - top section. A hidden elastic will add luxury to the hairstyle: remove a strand from the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic and secure it with invisibility. By the way, the tail itself is important to embrace and fluff as much as possible, because playing on contrasts (in this case and in general) is our everything.

5. With hairpins

With hairpins

Do you think that you can't come up with anything especially festive with short hair? And in vain. For a spectacular hairstyle, you will need your favorite styling product to give the curls the desired shape, several cool hairpins (the more glitter and stones, the better)and not even five, but three minutes of free time. Be sure to try!