All words disappear from great passion. Here's a quick tip on how to express your feelings in a message.

There are different situations in life when there is an indomitable desire to say how much a person means to you. And words are not chosen. And then you can look at the cheat sheet to somehow help yourself express all your feelings. Remember: your loved ones deserve to hear how much you need them. No need to restrain yourself, tell your loved ones about your emotions, write them love messages, and you will definitely get a mutual reaction.

The words of confession have a special energy. The hearts of lovers begin to beat in unison, even during correspondence. Informal phrases help to establish complete harmony between gentle and caring partners. Borrow some of these sayings and make sure your warm message comes from the heart.

 Love Messages for Boyfriend

Love Messages for Boyfriend

1. Every time I made a wish for shooting stars, I wanted you to come into my life. Even then I knew that it would be you.

2. It seems that it is impossible to love you more, but every day the feeling increases more and more.

3. I know that nothing bad will happen as long as you hold me in your arms.

4. My heart is tattooed with your name, and there is only room for you.

5. You make me rejoice for today, wait for tomorrow and thank yesterday.

6. I love you at any time: when you are strong and when you are gloomy. You are always the best for me.

7. You stole my heart, and I don't want you to return it.

8. I cannot count the number of reasons why I love you, because they are endless.

9. I didn't know what love was until you hugged me.

10. I would like to become the best poet, to express in a poem how much you mean to me.

11. In the short time that we know each other, you gave me more joy than I experienced in my entire life.

12. I have never met such an incredible person as you. You took me by surprise.

13. I hope our children will be as perfect as you.

14. I never believed in fairy tales until you entered my world.

15. You are my sun. You give me hope and illuminate the most everyday and cloudy days.

16. I will give you my heart, my time and my strength. If I had anything else, I would give this too.

17. There is no point in comparing someone with you, because you are the only one.

18. The most beautiful sunset or sky full of stars does not matter to me when I see you.  

19. We can withstand any storm, step over any obstacle, as long as we are together.

20. Thank you for seeing the good in me before I did myself.

Some ideas for a cute message to both man and woman

Some ideas for a cute message to both man and woman

21. My favorite color is the color of your eyes, and my favorite sound is your voice.

22. Now I believe in soul mates because you are definitely mine.

23. I have built a house in my heart for you and I hope you will stay in it.

24. When I think of us, I realize that we will be the most adorable elderly couple.  

25. You are not perfect, but you are so close to perfection that it is almost impossible for a person.

26. I can't remember what life was like without you. Probably because she was invisible in comparison with this one.

27. You are my best friend, my partner and my lover. This is the perfect combination.

28. I don't need your photo in my wallet, because your image is always in my heart.

29. There is nothing more exciting than feeling your gaze on yourself.

30. You have such a big and kind heart that it is a great happiness for me to receive a piece of it for myself.

31. Whenever I am with you, I want to stop time so that we never parted.

32. I hope you will always know how much you mean to me and how much I value you.

33. You give me the courage to chase my dreams. You make me believe that I have everything I need to be successful.

34. I promise to be the reason for most of your smiles and none of your tears.

35. You are my greatest weakness, but also my greatest strength.

Romantic messages to say good night

Romantic messages to say good night

36. I hate to say good night to you. I want to stay awake to see you all the time.

37. I go to bed with a smile on my face because I think about you.

38. Darling, you need to get out of my head so I can get some sleep.

39. I will send you my playlist, and the music will help you feel that we are together.

40. It's hard to fall asleep when I am so excited about the upcoming meeting tomorrow ... With you!

41. Get some rest. You must be tired after being in my head all day.

42. Waking up without you is a bad part of our relationship. The rest is perfection.

43. Sweet dreams. If you have nightmares, you know who to write to.

44. The stars are beautiful today, but I prefer to look at you.

45 . I have a large bed and there is someone missing here.

Love quotes for all occasions

Love quotes for all occasions

46. You are the only thing I think about every night before going to bed, and the first thing I wake up with in the morning.

47. I could live without you, but I would never expose myself to such suffering.

48. The biggest gift from you is that you perceive me as I am.

49. When you kiss me, I forget how to breathe.

50. These three little words are always missing: I love you, I love you, I love you ...