5 ways to style your hair that don't require a hairdryer, iron and styler

 Do you think that a professional hairdryer and a multifunctional iron are a must for a spectacular styling? But no. There are ways to style your hair like in a salon without using special gadgets (and even a hairdryer!)

Small rubber bands

Small rubber bands

Pigtails for the night

A variant from childhood - hair slightly dried after washing and a pair of tight braids left overnight... We do not recommend using styling. Better to go through your hair with a texturizing spray or varnish in the morning, when you will bring your hair to perfection. Advice: if you want to get voluminous curls , the lashes are not ordinary braids, but dragons. 



Retro version - papillotes, on which our mothers and grandmothers twisted their curls. You will need at least ten strips of fabric about 10 centimeters long and a sheet of paper, which also needs to be cut into strips. Roll some paper in the center of each of the fabric strips - the papillote is ready. They also need to wind a little damp hair,to get such a fashionable petty imp...

Take note: if you need the result faster, treat your hair with a styling agent, and if you wait until tomorrow, do not treat it with anything and leave it overnight.

Belt or ribbon

And this method will help you feel like Padme Amidala (this is, if anything, the queen from "Star Wars") on the minimum salary. We usually divide the hair into two parts, comb it well, spray it with a styling spray. Now we take a belt without a buckle or a wide ribbon, put it on the forehead and, twisting part of the hair at each end, tie it at the back of the head.

The bonus of the technique is that while you are waiting for curls (you need at least an hour), you have a cool hairstyle on your head, with which, in principle, you can go anywhere. 

Toe trick

One of the main beauty trends of TikTok 2020- toe curls. To create Hollywood curls, you will need slightly damp hair, a styling product to the level of hold that you usually use, and a pair of clean socks.

You need to divide your hair into two halves (if you have them quite thick, you can take four socks), twist each half half a sock in a spiral, and wrap the whole thing with the other half. And then wait 40-60 minutes - and enjoy the result.