For many seasons, eyebrows have remained one of the main accents in makeup. So before the New Year, we suggest giving them a little more attention. For example, here are five styling techniques you might not know about.

5 ways to style your eyebrows you might not know

1. Two gels

The secret straight from the catwalks: To make your eyebrow makeup look more natural (even if you drew half of the hairs with a pencil), use a styling gel. But not one, but two at once - colored and transparent. First fill in the gaps with a pencil and fix the brows with gel a shade lighter than your own hairs. And then, after letting them dry a little, bring the shape to perfection with a colorless gel.

2. Soap

You may have heard that there is a special eyebrow soap that stacks them in an Instagram-style beautiful, giving the effect of lamination... And yes, it really is. But the truth is that you can achieve a similar effect with regular glycerin soap. Soak a brush in water, "move" a piece of soap, comb your eyebrows and let them dry - you're done.

3. Mascara

If you don't have brow gel on hand, but you have brown mascara, you can use it. For girls with dark hair, you can even use black - but it's important to be careful here, because eyelash products are often too pigmented and should be watched so as not to overload the makeup.

These stories look especially good with makeup for a special occasion (for example, New Year's) and colored mascara , which should be applied to the eyes too. Our favorites are purple, gold and green.

4. With powder

Are your eyebrows lacking volume? Don't panic, everything will be done now.You can of course use a styling gel with fibers (small fake hairs that will make the brows thicker when used), but if you don't have one, there is another option. Go over the eyebrows with a brush with fixing powder - and only then use a transparent or tinted gel. You will see, the eyebrows will immediately  become larger.

5. Hairspray

Option for extreme situations, when there is nothing at all at hand for styling, and the eyebrows need to be put in order. Or for cases when it is necessary to keep the eyebrows as nailed and as long as possible. Carefully comb the hairs, giving them the desired shape, and fill in the "bald spots" with a pencil. Now close your eyes and gently (very carefully so as not to get on the mucous membranes!) Sprinkle your eyebrows with hairspray.