If a man doesn’t tell you honestly: “I’m not ready for marriage yet,” but he doesn’t make an offer either, listen to his other words - some betray an inveterate bachelor.

5 phrases of a man who definitely doesn't want to get married

Even if everything is fine in a relationship, men are sometimes afraid to translate them into official ones. But fear can pass over time. And there are those who, well, do not want to part with their bachelor life at all. This can be understood from their words, even if they do not speak directly about marriage, but here is what they say for sure:

1. That lady over there is very good

If he ever marries, it will definitely not be in the near future and, most likely, not with you. You met not so long ago, spend time together, look at each other, but other women come into his field of vision every now and then, and this is a bad sign. If in your relationship there was real love on his part, he would not notice other women. and certainly would not comment on their merits in front of you. Unless he wants to provoke you into jealousy , but men rarely arrange this, unless they have completed pickup courses.

2. Children are not mine

This man does not care about conventions, and above all self-realization is important for him, which, in principle, is pretty good. He is self-centered and not ready to devote a significant part of his life to someone else. In the plans of a person with such attitudes, marriage is extremely rare. It is customary to perceive marriage as a stage in relations, the logical continuation of which is the birth of children. This does not mean that he, as they say, will dabble and quit, but it should be borne in mind that marriage for him is an empty formality, and he will not have any motivation to legitimize your relationship.Of course, you can force him, but what is it for? Marriage should be a welcome step for both.

3. My ex is such a bitch

The reasons for speaking negatively towards ex-girls may be different, but they all say that if he runs tomorrow with you to the registry office, then only to annoy her.What he says about his ex means that he still thinks about her. Most likely, they parted not very well, and now you can only guess at whom he is offended: at her specifically or at the female sex in general. In any case, it is difficult to reach the registry office with such a heavy emotional baggage behind you.

4. I am not henpecked / Man is always right

In such statements, there is not a hint of readiness for family relationships, which involve a regular search for a compromise. It does not matter whether he makes fun of the " henpecked " friends you know or tells you directly that his word is law, most often it means that he perceives a woman as a threat. Now in his picture of the world between the masculine and feminine, there is a kind of struggle, not harmonious interaction, so he will not rush to marry. This may be due to childhood trauma or negative experiences in past relationships.

5. All women are mercantile

In fact, there could be any other classic sexist remark here. Probably, he has some reason to think this way about one or more women, but when he speaks in this way about the female sex in principle, he only speaks about himself .He definitely has complexes about money, backed up by resentment against women, so he is not yet ready for the wedding. A marriage involves certain financial investments and further obligations that he does not want to take on himself.